Part of our mission at Flatbread is to support local organizations that have an impact on our community. The primary way that we accomplish this is through the benefit nights that are held on Tuesdays at each of our restaurants. This guideline spells out the responsibilities that we both have, in order to create the best chance for a successful benefit night for your organization. 

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Step One: Complete the benefit application below (or download the PDF above) and email it to mike@salemflatbread.com We will qualify your organization for your benefit night at The Flatbread Company.Be advised, we stay away from direct or hot political issues. We support organizations that we feel would have broad support from most of the human race.

Step Two: Once your organization is qualified we must discuss the ways that you will get the word out about your benefit night. This promotion activity, on your part,will make sure as many of your supporters as possible will come and it may also reach out to new supporters of your cause as well.

As part of your application, check each of the following actions that your organization will do to ensure your successful benefit night.

Mandatory Marketing Requirements

• Hand paint a canvas banner measuring approximately 3’ X 3’ (Include the name of your organization, the date of your benefit and any other pertinent information such as “silent auction” or “raffle” if they will be held). If you have any questions, the restaurant manager can guide you.

• Deliver it to the restaurant at least one month before* your benefit night. *Missing this month-in-advance deadline may put your benefit night in jeopardy. The Managing Partner must approve your finished banner. (No plastic, computer generated signs please). 

• Please write an informative summary describing your organization or effort. You may include a brief history, your purpose, your goals, and a listing of the different activities that you have chosen to go along with your benefit night(i.e. silent auctions, raffles etc). Place an emphasis on what you will be doing with the proceeds from your fund-raising efforts in the community. We will be providing this information to our staff so that they may be able to informatively discuss your organization before and during your benefit.

Other Suggested Initiatives

• Have a representative of your organization contact local newspapers weeks in advance to see if they might put a notice in the paper for you. Most newspaper run weekly calendar sections and would be happy to publicize any non-profit event. Ask the managing partner for contact information for local outlets

• Publicize your event in a newsletter or special mailing to your supporters. Please include us in your mailing(s) and/or send us a copy of your newsletter. 

• Contact your supporters using email and social media. Be sure to include the benefit coordinator in your email: mike@salemflatbread.com

• Post the event on your website as well as any other websites that might support you. Social Media and blogs can be used as well. If websites or blogs are used, please write the URL here:

• Make posters and ask merchants to post them in their shops. Bring us one too!

• Print up flyers and hand them out at previous organizational events or gatherings you hold. Please bring us a copy.

• Contact a local radio or television station for a free mention.

• Start a calling chain to personally request attendance from your supporters.

Reminder: Again, provide us with a copy of all printed or posted material

Step Three: We will raise your banner at least one week in advance of your benefit, which will both advertise and raise awareness for your cause. Banners that are beautiful often find a permanent home at The Flatbread Company, continuing to promote awareness of your organization.

Step Four: Your benefit night is here! Here are some more ways to broaden your appeal and your evening’s proceeds…

• We will provide a table for you to give out flyers, membership information, stickers etc. We suggest you have a representative there by 4:30 PM for your set up and to greet and answer any questions that our guests may have about your organization. 

Your representative may also…
• Sell raffle tickets and hold a silent auction. Organizations report that the raffle and auction can double or triple the amount raised during the benefit.

Step Five: The Flatbread Company will donate $3.50 for each large flatbread and $1.75 for each small flatbread sold during the benefit. Donations typically range from $400 to $1,000 for organizations that actively get the word out.

Step Six: Prepare and distribute a post-event press release to the local newspaper and/or other media sources. The managing partner can help you identify the areas media outlets. This is a great way to say thanks to you supporters and to bring continued awareness about your event. This will help you continue to build your event for the years to come.

Please! Do your part to make your benefit night a success. The Tuesday night reserved for your benefit is a highly sought after date for many local causes and organizations. In other words, there are more organizations that want to hold benefits at The Flatbread Company than we have room for, so please do not waste it. For the sake of those other organizations, if you feel that you are unable to make the commitment to do the things necessary to insure a successful night, then please do not apply. We can provide some examples of a flyer and some postcards that demonstrate ways that you can promote your benefit night at the Flatbread Company.

Finally, we would like to thank you and your organization for the efforts that you are making to better our world. You are an important part of the fabric of this earth. You are making a difference!

If you have any questions, contact Mike at (978) 744-2829.